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Hello Patients and Friends,

Spring has sprung and most of the snow has melted. Now is when everyone gets excited to get out into the yard to do some clean up, mulching, planting and raking. It is also a time to be careful and not spend 8 hours raking on Saturday and/or Sunday only to be very sore on Monday morning. In other words, take it slow and ease into these new activities if you have been sedentary during the winter months. Any snow shoveling that you did during the winter has helped improve your conditioning, however raking uses different muscles. Most people end up getting overuse injuries of the shoulder or eblow. So again, please start out slowly and ease into these new activities, take a few breaks and vary the activity so as not to get an overuse injury at the start of the season.

Helpful hint: get one of those new wide lightweight rakes as it cuts the time down by about 30% or so as they are about 1/3 wider that the standard size rake.

Hint #2 : get a teenager to help you out for a few hours of raking to take some of the load off.

Hint #3 : do part of the yard one day and part the next or even spread the job out over several weekends.

Hint #4 : drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and wear your sunscreen on your face and arms.

Hope you find this information useful and I look forward to seeing you come in the office for a Spring tuneup and not an emergency visit.

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather and good luck with your yards and gardens!

Yours in health,
Dr. Brian Bigelow

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